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Application Confirmation


An application is NOT the same as a contract. Submitting the application does NOT guarantee you a room.

Please ensure that you have done the following or you will NOT be guaranteed a spot in our apartments:

  1. Wait for an email confirmation that your application has been approved or denied. Most applications are reviewed within 48 hours of being submitted. If you do not receive an ‘approved or denied application’ email, then please call us at 435-865-0372.
  2. If you are approved, the contract you applied for will be extended to you in the same ‘approved or denied’ email stated above. If you applied for multiple complexes, multiple contracts will be offered. DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE CONTRACTS! Only submit the contract of the complex you wish to live at.
  3. Pay the deposit when you submit the contract. In the above stated email, instructions will be given on how to submit the contract and pay the deposit.
  4. Once both the contract and deposit are in our possession, then your room is secured. We DO NOT hold rooms if we are missing either the deposit or the contract.

Room availability will be posted on each individual apartment complex web page. You may also call 435-865-0372 to check room availability.