Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We ask that you give us a 24 hour notice before you would like to see an apartment.

Yes! You have to set up a checkout day and time with management in order to get your deposit back.

You can get up to $150 of the $200 deposit back so long as the cleaning has been done properly and a checkout has been arranged with management.

Moving in early depends on availability. Please check with us to find out if you can move in early. Early move in costs $10.00 a day.

No. All our apartments are for single students.

You may cancel your contract before it begins but there are certain cancellation dates with fees associated.

Cancelling in or before June: $25 cancellation fee

Cancelling in July: $50 cancellation fee

Cancelling in August or later: $50 cancellation fee and you must find your own replacement. *Ask management for details on replacements

You may cancel your summer contract before it begins but there is a $25 cancellation fee.

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